VMI-Vendor Maintained Inventory

Do you have a storeroom or a small area where you keep important replacement parts? Having one of these dramatically reduces downtime when you have the part right in your maintenance shop. Every company has different machines that are most important to them. How much would your company lose in money if your operation were down in the middle of the night or on a holiday?  What would happen if the leadtime for the part was 3-4 weeks? For VMI’s, we come to your location once a week and inventory what items have been used and need to be replaced.  We also can categorize your storeroom by machine or by part, whichever system works best for you.
Services Include:
  • Motor/Gearbox Repair
  • Machine Shop Services
  • Bearing Rebuild/Relube
  • VMI-Vendor Maintained Inventory
  • Technical Support
  • Engineering Services
  • In-House or On-Site Training Classes
  • Free Local Delivery
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service